Cavity-free Club

We know that sometimes children need a little bit of an incentive to take care of their teeth on a regular basis. That’s why we created the Cavity-Free Club. When children come for their new patient exam or regular six-month exam and they don’t have any cavities, we will enter them into a drawing to win prizes, such as gift cards for Grand Cinemas, Blue Palm, iTunes, etc.
Here’s how it works:

  • When a child doesn’t have cavities, we enter their name into a bucket.

  • Every month, we pull out a name from the bucket to select a winner.

  • The lucky child is given a reward to take home and enjoy.

  • We will post our monthly winners on both our office website and Facebook page, with parents permission.

Children love this program because they can possibly win a prize and they get recognition for doing a good job. We want children to have a good experience when they visit. Let us show your kids how fun it can be to visit Craik Pediatric Dentistry!



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